Random Sketchbook illustration projects 

Random Sketchbook


Amphidermia Communis "Amphis"

The concept development of my Master degree final project "Amphidermia Communis" ("Amphis") starting from studies of the real animals to the ideas and character development to the final concept illustration that was used as reference later on in 3D production


George Orwell's "Animal Farm"

A small collection of storyboards, character designs and the final illustrations done for George Orwell's story "Animal Farm".


Alice's Forbidden Forest

Series of illustrations for the short story Alice’s Forbidden Forrest. The story of a little girl who disobeys her mother and wonders off in the forest where she encounters a different world and creatures.


Commissioned & Illustration

Random illustrations from private commissions and personal concept illustrations.


Recycled City

Collaborative exhibition in which the two artists explored an alternative city where its habitants and buildings merge with Nature blurring their differences.